Flexible Loans for
Multi-Family Real Estate Projects

Philadelphia’s Dependable Loan Partners

Developers and investors know the importance of fast access to capital. Multi-family projects can present a range of complex issues from zoning to construction—having the resources to address them quickly is key to keeping your project profitable. At Bluebird, we work in partnership with our clients to ensure they have the funding they need at all stages. Our fast, customized loans are built around your needs.

Fast Approvals for Busy Professionals

Traditional lenders move at a glacial pace. When you’re trying to keep an important project on schedule, a lengthy approval process can cut into your bottom line. With Bluebird’s lightning-fast review and qualification process, clients can have access to their funds in 24 hours. Our lending team is comprised of real estate development specialists, and we understand the pressures clients face in highly competitive local markets. Our swift approvals keep your work moving.

Experienced Support for Your Investment

Bluebird’s multi-family development experience makes us more than just a lender. Bluebird is your financial partner, and we’re committed to ensuring you have the support you need to succeed. In addition to providing custom loan solutions for your unique multi-family project, our diverse network allows us to assist clients with property assessments, due diligence, construction services, and more.

Custom Loan Options for Unique Projects

Bluebird’s goal is to connect multi-family real estate investors with lending options that provide fair terms and flexibility. When our borrowers succeed, we succeed. From acquisition loans and construction loans to get projects off the ground, to bridge loans or cash-out refinancing to get you over hurdles, Bluebird offers loan packages tailored to our clients’ needs.