Professional Financing for Commercial Real Estate Projects

Fast Funds for Commercial Projects

Commercial real estate offers investors an attractive, flexible vehicle for investment or income generation. But too often, traditional lenders aren’t nimble enough to provide financing on an investor’s or developer’s schedule. Don’t let a lack of funding lead you to miss opportunities! Bluebird provides fast hard money loans for a wide range of commercial real estate needs without the red tape of traditional lenders.

Fair Financing to Help you Succeed

Bluebird invests in our borrowers. Our goal is to help good projects get past temporary challenges with infusions of capital to help complete build-outs, renovate a space, or simply bridge gaps in financing. We help commercial property investors get approved for the funds they need in as little as 24 hours so you can avoid schedule delays and cost pile-ups.

Commercial Development Support and Expertise

While traditional lenders are only in touch until a loan agreement is signed, Bluebird supports our clients until their project is completed. With access to a wide network of professional real estate services and years of hands-on expertise in the Philadelphia-area market, our team backs up our borrowers with customized financing advice, repair and renovation referral assistance, and technical expertise. Prime your next project for success with fast financing from Philly’s trusted hard money lender.

Loans for a Range of Needs

Bluebird offers a range of funding options for commercial real estate needs. We offer acquisition loans for siting and future development and construction loans for build-outs, as well as bridge loans and cash-out refinancing for extra capital. We’ll work with you to find the best option for your project.