Faster, Fair & More Flexible
Real Estate Lending
Faster, Fair & More Flexible
Real Estate Lending

The Funding You Need to Proceed

Step 1.
Find the Perfect Property
Our in-house staff of real estate specialists are here to help you capitalize on the most lucrative opportunities.
Step 2.
Get Funded
Bluebird funds in as little as 24 hours, so you’re never left waiting on the money to move forward.
Step 3.
Complete Your Project
Bluebird's real estate experts connect borrowers with the resources they need to keep projects on track.

Building on a winning record

Below is a sampling of our most recently completed projects. Click to see more information.

Bluebird Funds Real Estate Success Stories

No matter what the project, Bluebird is the lender that’s in your corner. Our fast, fair, and flexible loans connect borrowers with the real estate financing they need to make acquisitions, complete rehabs, or build from the ground up. We put trust and a commitment to mutual success at the heart of all client relationships. By doing everything we can to help our borrowers realize their vision, we prosper alongside them as a partner.

Financing Ambitions Throughout The Nation

At Bluebird, we do more than just issue loans—we help our borrowers secure results. Drawing on years of real estate and development experience, we provide borrowers with the tools and expertise they need to get the most out of their financing. 

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