Fast, Flexible Lending for
New Single-Family Construction

Get Funded Tomorrow

Waiting around for cash can cause serious delays in construction, delays that can be easily avoided with fast capital from Bluebird. By expediting the application process, we can ensure that you have the money you need in as little as 24 hours. Don’t let a lack of funds slow down your project; apply for a loan today.

Access to Extensive Expertise

With so many priorities to juggle, it’s no wonder new construction projects hit so many snags. To mitigate these problems, we offer a readily available pool of in-house real estate expertise and the guidance of a skilled local contractor. By including these resources in every relationship, we can help keep each project on time and on budget.

Communication at Every Step

Because we genuinely value our relationship with each client, we stay in frequent contact throughout the term of the loan to help with any problems that arise. We’re more than a lending company; we’re a partner you can lean on for advice and support.

Don’t Get Stuck Waiting for Capital

Even experienced contractors can face setbacks when building a new home. While some of these obstacles may prove difficult, getting funded doesn’t have to be. Bluebird Lending makes it fast and easy to find capital, so you never have to worry about losing time or money to the traditional lending process. Apply with us today for a loan of up to $2M and interest rates as low as X%.


Success Story

Jerry S. found an amazing spot for his new house in February, but he wanted to finish building it by the start of the next school year to make things easier on his kids. Bluebird got him a loan fast, so he was able to start construction right away. The project was finished in early August and his family was all moved in well before the first day of school.