Our Loans

Transparent Terms, Steadfast Support

Choosing a loan doesn’t have to be stressful. By clearly laying out our terms and staying in touch at every step, Bluebird makes the lending process quick and simple. Borrowers also benefit from our real estate and development expertise. We’re here to help make your project a success.


Refinancing can deliver a helpful capital boost when you need it. Whether you’re looking to consolidate debt, finance a renovation, or improve the terms of your loan, Bluebird has the industry-leading options you need.


Successful property acquisitions require buyers to act fast when good opportunities arise, and access to fast capital is key in planning development. A loan from Bluebird will give you the flexibility and security you need to act decisively.

Rehab and Renovation

Whether you’re rehabbing a home for a resale or renovating an investment or rental property, loans from Bluebird give investors the flexibility they need. Keep costs low and your project on schedule with our fast and flexible rehab loan financing.

New Construction Financing

Don’t let limited cash flow hold up your new construction. Bluebird offers complete new construction financing plans so you can build your property to your vision—without scaling back your plans.

Hard Money Lending for Your Next Real Estate Project


Single-Family Rehab

Rehabilitating a single-family property is a great way to generate value, but it can also be complicated and costly. Simplify the process with Bluebird’s capital and expertise to ensure a winning investment.

Single-Family New Construction

New construction offers flexibility and lower maintenance costs, but ground-up construction can also lead to schedule setbacks and hidden expenses. Bluebird’s tailored lending options will provide the support you need to complete your project.


Developers and investors can create revenue-generating investments for years to come by building or renovating multi-family housing units, but these projects can be complex. Fast access to funds from a lender who understands real estate development can mean the difference between profits and losses.


Developing mixed-use projects requires close attention to zoning laws and a significant investment of capital. Developers need the support of a lender who understands their needs and goals. Bluebird is a premier partner for mixed-use property investments.

Commercial (Office, Retail, Specialty Use)

Commercial spaces attract a wide variety of tenants, but general contractors and investors can face a spectrum of challenges developing large properties. Bluebird will make sure you have access to the funds and assistance you need to overcome project challenges.


Purchasing land for future development is a forward-thinking investment, but you’ll need to make sure you have the funds in place to make your vision a reality. Partner with Bluebird Lending to secure financial backing for the entire life of your project.