Cash Out Refinance

Land Loans from Philadelphia’s Trusted Lending Experts

It’s a great time to invest in land in the ever-growing Philadelphia area. Rising property values throughout the region and a low housing inventory put a premium on new space for development. Whether you’re a new buyer looking to jump on the best opportunities or an investor with a portfolio of properties, working with a hard money lender you trust is key. Bluebird Lending delivers fast, fair funding solutions on a personal basis.

A Loan Partner Who’s in Your Corner

We’re not just looking to collect payments. We want to set our borrowers up for success. Bluebird offers clients the insight of real estate and land development expertise we’ve gained from our own hands-on experience. In addition to providing customized loan advice and full-scope financing, we help buyers assess potential land purchases, source development and construction services, and handle challenges throughout the course of their project. Our borrowers rely on us as a partner.

Cash in on Opportunity with Bluebird

Invest in Philly’s foundation—take advantage of land investment opportunities with hard money lending options from Bluebird! Traditional lenders take months just to evaluate and approve loans, but we start working immediately to get busy investors the financing they need. Qualified borrowers can access funds in 24 hours. As your lending partner, we take our role seriously. We’ll do everything we can to get your project the support it requires to succeed.

Don’t Get Stuck Waiting for Capital

Even experienced contractors can face setbacks when building new homes, and you can’t afford to put your project on hold waiting for approval from traditional lenders. Trust the construction lending experts at Bluebird to secure the capital you need with our fast, flexible single-family construction loans. Apply with us today for a loan of up to $2M at an interest rate as low as X%.


Success Story

Jerry S. found an amazing spot for his new house in February, but he wanted to finish building it by the start of the next school year to make things easier on his kids. Bluebird got him a loan fast, and he was able to start construction right away. The project was finished in early August, and his family was all moved in well before the first day of school.